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If a new software update is available, you will see an update notification. Before you proceed to download and install the latest iOS version for your device, create a backup of all your data for safekeeping.

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To install OTA updates, a stable Wi-Fi connection and sufficient battery life on your iPhone would be necessary in order to proceed. Perhaps some tough bugs messed up the audio system of your iPhone and so none of the microphones are working as a result. However you will also lose your personal information along with other important data you have stored on your device in the process. That being said, creating a backup is recommended. Should you wish to proceed, follow these steps to factory reset your iPhone 8 Plus through the Settings menu:.

Wait until the reset is finished and your iPhone reboots. Complete the initial setup and use your device as you usually do. Test the microphone to see if the problem is already fixed. Contact Apple Support or visit an Apple-authorized service center nearby if your iPhone 8 Plus microphone is still not working after performing all prior workarounds. It is possible that your iPhone has obtained some sort of physical or liquid damage that caused the microphone system to get busted. At this point, your next best hope to get the microphone working again is service.

It can help you save some dollars of service charge. If you need more help with the use of certain functions and features of the new Apple iPhone 8 smartphone, feel free to visit our Tutorial Page. There you can find a list of how-to contents, step-by-step tutorials, as well as answers to FAQs regarding iPhone 8. If you have other concerns or encountered some troubles while using the phone, you can reach us through this form. Just be sure to tell us more details of the problem or device issue s you may have and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

To test the front and rear microphones, shoot two quick videos.

How to fix an iPhone 8 Plus microphone that is not working [Troubleshooting Guide]

Use the front camera to take the first shot and the rear camera for the second shot. Afterwards, play them back. To test the bottom microphone, open the Voice Memos app and then record a new memo by pressing the large red button in the middle of the screen. Play the memo back then see if you hear the audio. Your keyboard has a mute button for your speakers—but typically not one for your mic. The simplest, most foolproof way to mute your mic is to just keep your computer's mic preferences open.

There, slide the Input Volume slider down to the lowest level on the far left, and your mic will be muted until you raise that volume again. Windows actually has a mute button for your mic—it's just hidden inside settings screens. Right-click on the speaker icon in your system tray and select Recording Devices. Select your microphone in the settings dialogue that opens then click Properties and choose the Levels tab.

There you can drag your mic volume to the lowest level on the left—or just click the speaker icon on the right to mute it. Windows also lets you fully disable your mic if you want—from the General tab of your microphone settings, you can choose Do not use this device to disable your mic entirely. If you do that, though, Windows won't show your microphone at all. To re-enable it, right-click in the Recording Devices pane and select Show Disabled Devices to see the now-missing mic, and then re-enable the mic from its settings as before.

Want a simpler option? Here are some apps that can help, giving you a system tray icon or hotkey to mute your mic:. Want a simple way to turn your mic on when you're talking—and only then? Shush is the Mac app for you. It uses push-to-talk mode by default, so your mic will only be activated while you press and hold the fn button or any other key you set. Quit pressing the button, and your mic instantly turns off. That's great for most group calls where you're silent the majority of the time.

If you're leading the call and just want to disable your mic when you need to cough or grab a drink, the push-to-silence mode's best. Then, your mic will always be on—and will be muted as long as you hold down your hotkey. For extra peace of mind, Shush will even play a sound when you mute or unmute your mic so you'll know when it's on. Want a mute button on your keyboard? Whenever the app's running, you'll see a mic button right near your standard audio controls.

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Tap it to disable or enable your mic. It actually works on any Mac from your menubar, too. Just click the menubar icon and select Mute. Not quite as simple, but still handy. Your Windows system tray already has a speaker icon beside your clock—time to add a mic button, too. MicMute does just that. It can mute your mic by default whenever it runs, only enabling it when you press a hotkey or if you right-click and select the Microphone Mute option.

And when your mic's on, the icon turns red to make it obvious your mic's hot. You can even set a hotkey to only enable your mic while you're holding down a hotkey—and to have it disabled the rest of the time, just like a walkie-talkie. It's a tad hard to see when the mic is muted with a dark Windows 10 taskbar color—but its red icon is glaringly obvious when your mic is enabled, and that's what you want.

Another good option is to add a microphone mute workflow to an automation app for your computer like Alfred for Mac or AutoHotkey for Windows. On Alfred for Mac, there are two great options. By default, though, it sets your microphone to max volume when it re-enables it, so you might want to tweak that from the script.

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Another good option is the Alfred Shush! AutoHotkey for Windows has built-in mic tools with its SoundSet. Just add a new hotkey for this script to mute your mic:. Prefer the command line? You're right in the middle of a presentation when that little notification pane slides in from the right of the screen, letting the entire team know your Amazon order has shipped, or that you booked another appointment at the same time.

Notifications can be handy—but they can also be a pain. Sometimes you need to work without distraction and would be much better off without notifications.

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Other times, they're just too much information when you're using your computer publicly. On your Mac, just tap the notifications icon in the top right of your menubar and scroll down to reveal the Do Not Disturb option. Tap it to turn it on—and you won't get any notifications until you turn it back on.

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Or, to make it easier, just hold your option key while clicking the notification pane icon to turn notifications off in a tap. Want to turn off notifications only when you're on a video call? Muzzle 's a tiny free app that automatically turns on Do Not Disturb mode when you start a video call with Slack, Skype, Join. Something similar works in Windows 8 and Open your notification Action Center and click the Quiet Hours button to disable notifications until you tap the button again.