Working the 12 Steps & Beyond - Abundance Gratitude and Quality Sobriety

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Many others, however, were not successful with step programs but had few other options to consider. If you are unfamiliar with Neurofeedback watch this brief explanation by one of our clinicians at Gulf Breeze Recovery. Even after completion of the program at Gulf Breeze Recovery, each guest is assigned an individual who helps them as they transition back to their home and family.

Weekly support groups are offered too, both remotely and in-person. Gulf Breeze Recovery takes their role as a treatment center very seriously. They want to be a part of helping those frightening statistics of addiction and overdose deaths start to decline, instead of continuing to increase. If you or a loved one are battling addiction or relapse and looking for a holistic, nonstep based facility that can help make a difference contact us at Gulf Breeze Recovery, Or call: to speak to an addiction expert and learn more about how our program has helped so many people overcome their addiction and embrace life.

Understanding the Dangers of Benzodiazepines. I can witness my judgment without judgment. Then I can make amends and choose love instead of the fear-based voice of the ego. This daily spot-checking keeps resentment and frustration from building up and blowing up. It strengthens my relationship to Spirit, to the people I love and to myself. Becoming conscious of my triggers and childhood wounds has been essential in my sober recovery.

The more I understand my triggers, the easier it is to catch myself in my addictive patterns and choose differently. One meditation that has helped me heal deep wounds from childhood is the Kundalini Meditation for Releasing Childhood Anger. If you have resentment, anger or trauma that stems back to when you were young, practicing this meditation regularly can set you free.

When you feel yourself being triggered and need a fast dose of serenity, there are two tools you can use in the moment. One is a simple, powerful prayer that I share in this video.

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Another is the Backpack Meditation. This is a Kundalini meditation that you can bust out whenever stress is taking over. When I notice myself slipping into old patterns, I can be compassionate toward myself for having those triggers.

Melissa L. - NA Speakers - 12-Step "Addiction Recovery"

I can acknowledge my spiritual assignments and show up for them fully in order to heal them, and can I feel safe to let go of the story that I tell myself so that the Universe can write a new one for me. I know it can be difficult to find the resources you need to get clean, recover and thrive or help someone you love do it.

I gathered some valuable information and resources that can help you at any stage of your recovery. I recommend a beautiful book called Living Sober. This book helped me see the truth of what was going on for me and helped me set the intention to change my path. It offers guidance for how to live a sober life and is extremely helpful in early recovery or for people thinking about getting sober. I want to suggest this book as a gentle right action for how to start seeing yourself in a different light and begin to create change.

He shared with me an amazing resource that his organization created called the Addiction Resource Hub. This is an invaluable tool for finding local, independent support when you or someone you love needs help with addiction. The Addiction Resource Hub can help you find treatment options, legal help, housing, wellness resources, community support and many other extremely valuable and important resources. I called on my good friend Elisa Hallerman, the founder of Recovery Management Agency and a certified drug and alcohol counselor, to share some tips on finding treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.

Elisa has a deep understanding of addiction and recovery. She and her team help individuals and families manage every aspect of their addiction treatment so the person going into treatment can focus on recovery and healing. I asked Elisa for her advice on what to do if you or someone you love needs treatment for addiction. Below is her response. For more guidance, check out Recovery Management Agency. If you cannot stop using drugs or alcohol and need an education on substance abuse, inpatient treatment is probably a good choice.

Check with your insurance company as to which treatment facilities are in your network. Then, when you have a list, call admissions and ask a number of questions.

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Refrain from telling them about you or your loved one first. Ask them about the treatment facility. Here are some questions that can help you decide whether a facility is right for you:. The root cause of many addictive patterns is trauma.

Hire a Recovery Coach

For a deeper recovery, we must become brave enough to face our trauma. While this can be difficult at times, the payoff is huge.

Brain chemistry can be a challenge.

Healing old wounds offers immense relief. The book includes truly life-changing practices that will help you heal even the most painful wounds. If you struggle with feeling judged, or if you have shame around an addiction or past behavior, the book includes EFT tapping scripts to help you heal and release those feelings safely. If you have judged yourself for your addiction or anything else, one thing you can try right now is my guided EFT video where we tap on judgment. You can use this practice to release judgment of yourself or judgment of another person. Now I invite you to share yours.

What tools have helped you the most? Your email address will not be published.

Sharing experience, strength, and hope.

All of the punishments imagined in Hades entail the agony of a meaningless repetition—only something miraculous could release Sisyphus from pushing his rock, or finally offer Tantalus the nourishment eternally just out of reach. The mystical knowledge of gnosis in contrast with agnosticism, or not knowing implies a deep and direct, intuitive access to the Self—an idea Jung derived from Indian philosophy. A concept deeply intertwined with the idea of a spiritual awakening. Hey Gabby, Do you still go to AA? I have about 18 months and have been going to meetings for those 18 months. I have definitely had a spiritual awakening and i am truly grateful.

I have moved to a new city and am having a little trouble finding my people in AA. I believe in living a spiritual life and living freely.

The Disturbing Escalation of Addiction and Overdose Deaths

Going back through the past of what i was like when i was drinking does not help me move forward. I am just struggling with the program and was wondering if this has ever happened to you and if so how you got through it? Thanks for showing up here Christina. Try out different AA groups until you find the one that resonates most with you.

Trust that you are on a beautiful, healing path. Wonderful that you support sobriety. I am a shaman, energy healer, dream walker and can do healing in waking or dreaming. In I decided to go totally sober for my spiritual path and commit to it, even though I was only 33 and had already healed my own brain cancer when i turned 25, no doctors no medications. Sobriety then was a huge support. Now at 61, still a full time healer, completely sober, organic food only and water or pure teas, I feel great.

My clients, students and apprentices, all get the benefits of that and I encourage all of them over and over the reasons why we benefit. We are dealing with a pandemic drug pot medications etc in this world, and need more spokes persons for sobriety like you in the spiritual path. My therapist has also been negative towards AA. I would love to know how you have worked with AA as a tool long term xx. Grateful that you shared here, Vicki. Follow your intuition. Keep tapping into that inner wisdom.

Take it one day at a time and see how that feels. Hi everyone! I have been sober for over a year and are very greatful and humble to my decision. I never thought I could be totally sober but I managed! And my life is filled with so much love and happiness i never could imagine i thought before it would be booring not to drink..

Living in a state of recovery through the power of the Atonement

Good luck to you all!! Dear Gabby, I am stuck in an issue that keeps repeating. She says I just have to not touch. Its like some one recovering from alcool abuse living in a bar.

I cry when visualize how having your own environment to feel secure most be like. I am alone in my issue, but I asked for help from my guides but it seems impossible… Please pray for me because it seems the universe think I am not trying as much as I can. Connecting with a support group in your area can be a wonderful resource for you. There are many free, confidential and loving groups with like-minded people. The number is This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations. Sending you lots of love and healing.

While I am a little tardy with this note, I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday.