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The first panel convened in for Cycle For Solar Cycle 25, the panel hopes for the first time to predict the presence, amplitude, and timing of any differences between the northern and southern hemispheres on the Sun, known as Hemispheric Asymmetry.

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Later this year, the Panel will release an official Sunspot Number curve which shows the predicted number of sunspots during any given year and any expected asymmetry. The panel will also look into the possibility of providing a Solar Flare Probability Forecast. A study estimated that the U. The strength of the eruption was comparable to the famous Carrington event that caused widespread damage to telegraph stations around the world and produced aurora displays as far south as the Caribbean.

The Solar Cycle Prediction Panel forecasts the number of sunspots expected for solar maximum, along with the timing of the peak and minimum solar activity levels for the cycle.

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Please Contact Us. Weather Safety. Safety Campaigns. Sunspots observed on the Sun August 24, Powerful eruption from the surface of the sun captured on May 1, Therefore, it is a preferred method of flaring.

Prior to flaring, determine the tube length allowance using Table 1. Flare Inspection Inspect flare for dimensions and surface quality.

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The sleeve can be used for a quick check of the flare dimensions as shown in Figure 2. Figure 2 — Comparing flare O.

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The flare must be reasonably square and concentric with the tube O. If the flare does not meet these requirements, cut it off, take corrective action, and reflare.

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Figure 4 — Improper bend and short tube. Align the tube on the flare nose of the fitting body and tighten the nut using one of the two methods below. Note: Do not force an improperly bent tube into alignment Figure 4 or draw in too short a tube using the nut. Flats Method Tighten the nut lightly with a wrench approximately 30 in. Starting from this position, tighten the nut further by the number of flats from the Torque Chart.

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This Flats Method is more forgiving of the two. It circumvents the effects of differences in plating, lubrication, surface finishes, etc.

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It is recommended that wherever possible, the step of marking the nut position relative to the body should be done. With proper tube flare alignment with the nose of the fitting, tighten the nut to appropriate torque value.

This makes it desirable for high production assembly lines.