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With the exception of our Laboratory who test twice the amount of DNA than other labs a DNA paternity tests analyse up to 15 locations looking for matches between the alleged father and child. All markers must reflect a match or mutation or the alleged father is not the biological father.

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Each match receives a paternity index value indicating the strength of the match; the more unique the match, the higher the index. The probability of paternity is calculated using all of the paternity index values. Most DNA paternity tests that examine only an alleged father and child show a conclusive probability of paternity; usually In some cases, the matches between an alleged father and child provide an inconclusive result.

Having the mother's DNA would provide a conclusive result. If she is unavailable, the test result remains inconclusive.

The DNA testing options are

With the mother, DNA paternity testing almost always provides a strong, conclusive result. Even when results are conclusive, including the mother further strengthens the DNA test conclusion.

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In this case, the probability of paternity is The kits that screen for genetic health risks can deliver equally devastating results. Yet all of these tests are typically taken in a spirit of casual curiosity.

Ensuring all parties are consenting to testing

People are not prepared to have their lives rocked by what they may find out. That night, she called her estranged mother, breaking their two-year silence.

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It was very cruel. A subsequent paternity test of the man she had thought was her father confirmed that there was no relation. He had not figured in her life when she was growing up, and they had only recently reconnected. She had moved to Florida in part to be closer to him. But she has severed all ties with her mother who, three years on, continues to deny the results of three DNA tests.

DNA Test Without Father

Increasingly, DNA tests are bringing to light infidelities, adoptions, cover-ups and lies that have been concealed for decades. There have been cases of people learning that they were conceived from donated sperm or even that they were switched at birth, says genealogist Debbie Kennett. Likewise, 23AndMe says it had specially trained customer-care representatives. When, in June, Kathy Piercy was contacted by a woman claiming to be her first cousin, she was initially sceptical.

But Judy Poole did. She had sent her sample to AncestryDNA in April hoping that it might throw up clues, but was not at all expectant. Kathy was listed as her first cousin.

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