Die Türen der Unterwelt (Jaqueline Berger 1) (German Edition)

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With introductory lecture: Duration: 1 hour of which 30 min. Introductory lecture in German on the history of the cemetery, the transformation of the funeral chapel by Nedelykov Moreira Architekten and James Turrell's permanent light installation Read more. Guided Tour. Charlottenburg Palace is the largest palace of the Prussian ruling family in Berlin. As part of the tour, the participants will get an overview of the castle and visit the living and reception rooms in the old castle.

Common explanations for the emergence of right-wing populism include the events of the escape migration of or alleged personality deficits of its followers as causes. Koppetsch, on the other hand, sees the reasons in the as yet unresolved epochal… Read more. Uncounted stories Lecture. Film Series "Filmspotting" Films. Thomas Heise's documentary about five right-wing young people in Halle in the early s was highly controversial at the time - and seems to be more relevant today than ever.

The director accompanies the boys in their everyday lives in the former socialist… Read more. In the aftermath of the crisis of , when it seemed as if the global capitalist financial system could fall, the feeling of discomfort with capitalism, to which we have bound our fate, belongs. It is clear, however, that capitalism can not be achieved… Read more. Political Cabaret. Der Zweck heiligt den Abend Political Cabaret. Time again for the "Silent Night"?

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No problem! Our certified on-stage contemplatives organize Christmas for all: families, fringe groups and atheists. And they'll get you everything that is part of the festival these days: candlelight, vegan Christmas trees… Read more. Hool Family. You all have something to look forward to at the end of the day I have nothing.

And… Read more. Bauerfeind has questions - the other talk show with Katrin Bauerfeind Show.

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In this talk show the questions are already answered before it starts. The prominent guests fill out Katrin's questionnaire in advance. Your answers form the basis for this evening. Turandot Opera. Society lives in terror of a Princess. Turandot, the fascinating and beautiful representative of a ruling dynasty, presides over the cruelty. Matrimony alone seems likely to end the violence, yet no suitor has managed to solve her riddles and win her hand… Read more. Classical Music. Fast, colorful and full of surprises: like the capital itself, the three extraordinary tenor's own arrangements are unique.

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They perfectly understand the winking wit and the directness of Berlin, with which they put the audience elegantly into the ear of… Read more. Top Event. Farinelli and his Time Top Event. Arias from the 18th century: When the mezzo-soprano Cecilia Bartoli comes to Berlin, she always brings with her musical treasures: in this concert, virtuoso arias that have delighted and rediscovered the noble courts in Europe of the 17th and 18th centuries to… Read more.

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Away from here "Away from here" - under this title Frank-Markus Barwasser sends his alter ego Erwin Pelzig with a new solo program on German stages from Klassische Philharmonie Bonn Classical Music. Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. We do apologize that the following information is currently only available in German. Monday reading in November Reading. Their live dance shows have attracted over 90 million viewers, and that's what they've achieved in almost a century. Every year the ensemble gives about performances. The tickets named "Sukhishvili", although in different languages but easy to read, are… Read more.

Location Admiralspalast Admiralspalast Time pm Buy tickets. Puppet Theatre. Cinderella Puppet Theatre. Puppet and object theatre after a fairytale from Brothers Grimm. In German, 45 min. Admission free Read more. Princess Allerleirauh Play. The story tells of a mysterious girl who works wrapped in a coat of all sorts of animal skins as a maid at the royal court. Unrecognized, she dances with the young king on three festivals in sumptuous dresses.

The healthcare system is at a turning point. However, digital technologies also require integration into standard care.

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  • Over fifty meters into the height rises the shining panorama giant wheel with its closed gondolas. If you look down from 50 m, a colourful Christmas bustle unfolds. In the centre is the square metre skating rink, on which the skaters circle the famous… Read more. Data Natives-Conference Congress.

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    The Data Natives is the largest conference for data experts in Europe. On 21 and 22 November, 2. Germany about Yesterday Photography.

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    Once upon a time Grimm's fairy tales in the Glass Palace. Two actors, a well-known original text and a small stage - nothing more is needed for maximum theater happiness! Paul Schultze-Naumburg Lecture. The photographer and filmmaker visited these three countries from mid-October to early June Schalala - The sing-along thing Concerts.

    Singing is fun, singing together is even more fun. Accompanied by Stefanie Bonse on the guitar and Marie-Elsa Drelon on the piano, beautiful singers, melancholy singers, herd singers, choirboys and under-the-shower singers meet to cheerfully sing songs from… Read more. Berliner Korrespondenzen: Digital Municipalism: Radical democracy and the social future of technology Lecture. Big Tech is continuously collecting data, and surveillance by security authorities is being expanded.

    Can digital technologies offer radical democratic alternatives?

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    Today, exactly 90 years ago, the former silent cinema Delphi was opened. On this occasion, the Metropolis Orchestra Berlin is creating a silent film concert evening around the Buster Keaton movie classic from that will surely remain unforgettable. Chamber concert extra Concerts.