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Learn how to work with physical and experiential difficulty with self-compassion, an evidence based way of supporting and often improving the human experience. This warm-hearted connected presence with your own experience can be a powerful foundation in daily life and can be shared when suffering is witnessed in others. Attendees will not receive C. Please select a class date above and complete the registration form. If using a credit card, submit the registration form and phone in your credit card number to Cancellation must be requested fourteen days prior to class to receive a full refund or deposit.

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If the provider cancels the course a full refund will be provided. Individuals needing special accommodations may call the Center for Professional Practice of Nursing at Parking is available in parking lots 4, 12 and 17 with a UC Davis parking permit. Skip to content Find a class.

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Compassion Development in Higher Education

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David H. Breaux Compassion Initiative

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